Zudo's Homepage


Hi, I'm Zudo. I work as a software engineer in the UK; chances are, however, that you know me from TETR.IO, where I help out with administration and community management.

I've also worked on a handful of internal projects, as well as a couple of tools that are available for anyone to use.

I am a big fan of the Science Adventure series! If you have a few minutes to spare, let me try to persuade you to experience it for yourself.

Contact Currently unavailable

I can be found in a few places online. Please don't message me for TETR.IO support!

I also have a small Discord server, which I check often. Please feel free to join and hang out!

If you'd prefer to be more formal, feel free to email me@zudo.space. I will try my best to respond to any and all emails I receive, but this is not a guarantee.

It is for me. I am most active during evenings and on weekends.

Onoe Serika from Chaos;Child