MultiStream is a stream production client for TETR.IO. Supporting up to four concurrent instances, and with several extra features to help with tournament production, MultiStream is the perfect addition to any stream setup.

MultiStream in action, with three clients


  • 1-3 TETR.IO clients in one easily captured window
  • Automatic replay saving
  • Configurable transparent window background
  • Built in ad blocker
  • Automatically disable spectator tools in-game
  • Bypass the login screen
  • Custom CSS

...and more!


Download from GitHub

View the source code

Download the latest version. If you're a stream producer, you want one of the named .zip files, rather than the source code. Download and extract the latest release, then run multistream.exe (Windows) to get started.

As a courtesy, please direct people to this page if you are sharing this project. is a convenient shortcut for this.


Thank you for using MultiStream.

Support and feedback

If you'd like to report a bug, please feel free to do so via the GitHub repository. Please also feel free to reach out to me through any of the methods listed on my contact page.